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Event Management

We offer an extensive range of event planning, event documentation and management services to help our clients deliver successful and memorable events.

At Festival HQ we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our ability to deliver exceptional results. We understand that every festival is unique and we work closely with our clients to ensure their vision is realised.

Event Planning

We offer a range of services to help our clients deliver successful and memorable events, we;

  • Develop event concepts and themes that align with goals and objectives

  • Conduct venue research & selection including site scouting, visits and contract negotiations

  • Develop event timelines and production schedules to ensure timely and efficient execution

  • Create event budgets and financial projections, all the way to final P&L

  • Manage licensing, event approvals, applications and permits, on time and in line with all relevent legislation and guidelines

  • Manage stakeholders and liaise with community, vendors, suppliers and contractors

  • Ensure event documentation is produced on time, is reviewed, corrected, and distributed appropriately

  • Design & build the festival site

  • Provide on site event management and coordination, including staffing & volunteers

  • Conduct risk assessments and develop contingency plans to mitigate potention issues

  • Provide consultation on event design and production

Budgets & Financial Management

Throughout the event planning process we;

  • Create event budgets which are detailed, realistic and supported by real quotations and data points

  • Identify and maximise revenue streams, such as ticket sales, premium services, sponsorships, vendors and merchandise

  • Create financial projections & forecasts to guide decision making through the planning process

  • Negotiate with supplies to acheive the best possible pricing and service

  • Work with clients existing financial policies and procedures to ensure effective budget planning & management

  • Ensure effective procurement and purchase order processes are in plan

  • Ensure invoices are received in line with agreed terms and payment timelines and processes

  • Provide details reconciliations and post event profit & loss

Event Documentation

We can prepare and produce all required event documentation including;

  • Event Management Plan

  • Operations Plan

  • Risk Assessment & Risk Management Plan

  • Emergency Management Plan

  • Evacuation Plan

  • Adverse Weather Plan

  • Crowd Flow / Ingress & Egress Management Plans

  • Sustainability Action Plan

  • Disability Access & Inclusion Plan

  • Production Schedules & Run Sheets

  • Pedestrian, parking, transportation Plan

  • Youth Management Plan

  • Ticketing, Box Office & Gate Management Plan

We work with subject matter experts to procure tailored plans including;

  • Security & Crowd Management Plan

  • Noise Management Plan

  • Event Traffic Management Plan

  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Plan

  • Medical Plan

  • Crowd Care / Crowd Welfare Plan

  • Waste Management Plan

On the Day Event Management

We ensure that the event is effectively resourced and managed for the enjoyment and satisfaction of all, from Artists & Talent, Staff & Volunteers, Authorities to Customers and VIPs

  • Pre-opening site inspections

  • Obtaining final licensed and approvals

  • Ensuring all compliance documents are obtained

  • Conducting inductions, briefings, site walk throughs

  • Emergency & Evacuation procedure briefings

  • Staff & Volunteer management & welfare

  • Set up & run the Event Control Centre

  • Set up & run the Emergency Coordination Centre

  • Act as Chief Warden, coordinate incident response

  • Manage all areas of the festival from transport, parking, box office, gates, staff areas, access routes, back of house work spaces, artist areas, performance areas & stages, VIP areas, and front of house

  • Oversee all site & event operations from pre-event, bump in, ingress, event opern period, egress and bump out

Event Management

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