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Site Design & Build

We have extensive experience in festival site scouting, selection, design and CAD drawing, as well as site management and construction.

Site Selection

  • Identifying suitable locations including site scouting & feasibility assessments taking into account requirements for the festival

Venue Hire Contracts

  • Comprehensive contractual arrangements for venue hire and venue use arrangements

Site Design

  • Site layout & design taking into account performance areas, front of house, ingress & egress, transport & parking, camping areas, back of house, artist logistics, emergency evacuation, occupancy and flow rate calculations and WHS regulations

  • Incorporate sustainable and eco friendly equipment, services and practises into festival site design

CAD Plans

  • Design & drawing of detailed set of scaled CAD site plans including infrastructure placement, audience services, vendor locations, crowd flow, licensed areas, welfare provisions, emergency services and access

Site Management

  • Plan all site build logistics

  • Create and distribute Site Production Schedules for bump in, event open and derig phases

  • Contract and oversee suppliers

  • Coordinate all suppliers, vendors, contractors, partners and oversee bump in and derig

  • Coordinate site crew

  • Manage any issues on ground

Site Work Health & Safety

  • Develop site safety rules

  • Oversee WHS inductions

  • Conduct tool box meetings

  • Ensure all compliance processes are followed

  • Ensure supplier insurances, and all relevant compliance documents are provided

  • Ensure compliance with legislation and local regulations

Site Design & Build

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